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Providing General Insurance Services Since 2007

As an independent agent

we have the Freedom of Choice and can work with you to put together a plan that suits both your needs and your budget.

Why an Independent Insurance Agency?

Would you rather a telephone representative who sells only one brand?
Or a knowledgeable expert in your local community who understands and sells many different brands and can help you find the best combination of price and value for your individual needs?


Many people don’t realize there are big differences in insurance agencies. When they buy insurance, they are choosing one of these three options.

  • 1 Captive Insurance Agents work for just one company and sell only one brand.
  • 2 Telephone Representatives do the same and sell “at a distance” over the telephone.
  • 3 Independent Insurance Agents are vested members of your local community. They represent an average of eight different insurance companies. They can compare the coverage and prices offered by these firms to find you the best possible value—the best combination of coverage and price for your individual circumstances. They do business face-to-face and are there for you, as your advocate, in times of need.